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Seniors Attend Inspiring Kairos Retreat
Posted 11/16/2018 03:32PM

Seniors embarked on a very unique three day fall Kairos retreat on November 14th (through the 16th). Kairos is a senior retreat program where students are allowed time away from their busy lives to focus on their relationship with God, their family, and their friends. The event provides an opportunity for teens, on the threshold of young adulthood, to explore their faith in a more mature way.

This fall, forty Montini Catholic seniors participated in the retreat (including six senior retreat leaders). "Our retreat takes place at LaSalle Manor in Plano, IL," informed Assistant Campus Minister, Kelly Davis. " However, Kairos is a nationwide retreat program."

Montini Catholic seniors are provided the opportunity to attend one of two Kairos Retreats each school year, one in November and a second, in March. "The popularity of the retreat has been growing over the past couple years due to the excellent leaders and the success of our Junior Retreat Program," Davis said. "Kairos is a time for seniors to refocus themselves on what is really important in life as they conclude their high school careers."

'Kairos' is a Greek word which classically means "the opportune time" or to indicate a sense of time, and is adapted to mean 'the Lord's time.' "A retreat is a time to withdraw from the business of our everyday lives and to experience some time to reflect and to just be in the presence of God," added Campus Minister, Michael Blanchette. "Participation is strictly voluntary. Our students are not required to attend, but all are glad they did."

Alumni frequently say that the Kairos Retreat was one of their favorite memories during their time at Montini Catholic. "The students who lead the retreats really put a lot of time and effort in to making them the best experience for seniors," said alumna and former leader, Anthony Vosicky '15. "I experienced things I didn't think we're possible at Kairos. I will say it was part of God's plan to take me on a Kairos retreat when I was a senior at Montini. It led me back on the right path to him." Upon reflection of his own experience at Kairos, Vosicky realized he appreciated the one on one time with God he received at the retreat. "Kairos was an eye opener for me, I developed a lot more respect for my classmates and got to know them each a lot better."

Montini Catholic is proud to provides unique retreat opportunities each year for every grade. This October they held their Freshmen Day of Recollection and Sophomore Day of Service. There is a Junior Retreat, (three will be held during the 2018-19 school year), and the Kairos retreat for seniors." A second opportunity for Montini Catholic seniors to attend Kairos will be in March of 2019

Photo above: Montini's Fall Kairos Retreat Leaders with Assistant Campus Minister, Kelly Davis (far right) l to r: Renee Swider, Isabella Reilley, Patrick Burke, Justin Lazowski, Danielle Juco and Marissa VanDeVeer

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