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Newest Broncos Welcomed at Annual First Step Social
Posted 06/19/2018 10:20AM

New friends were made and anxieties calmed on Friday, June 8th at Montini Catholic High School's First Step Social welcoming their Class of 2022. "Welcome to Montini!" shouted Montini's "student ambassadors" as they stood at the entrance and high-fived the newest Broncos.

Montini Catholic's First Step Social is the first opportunity for freshman to begin building class spirit and to get to know their fellow classmates and future friends. The event includes prayer, large group activities and small group sessions intended to break the ice and get freshman excited about their high school years.

"This tradition of welcoming new freshmen with is enjoying its sixth year at Montini," said Admissions Coordinator, Eric Brechtel. "Montini students act as 'ambassadors' and volunteer their time to welcome their newest peers to the school. We play ice-breaker games, eat together and discuss this new adventure, called high school!" Brechtel added, "Our volunteers provide advice, and answer questions ranging from "how do I get involved?" to "what time is lunch?"

"You decide your own fate in high school," said the event's facilitator, Mr. John Donahue-Grossman who is an inspirational storyteller and former Director of Retreats at Lasalle Manor Retreat Center. "You decide how your four years of high school will go! Meet new people, get out of your comfort zone and get involved!" Grossman has been working with Montini Catholic in welcoming their freshmen for many years. He will also lead the Freshman Day of Reflection (retreat) held later this fall.

"The First Step Social idea was born to ease the nervousness some freshmen may be feeling about entering high school" said Admissions Representative, Eric Brechtel. "Our goal is to have our newest Broncos walking through our doors on their first day of high school with a sense of familiarity."

"I was really nervous before getting here," said Ruby Dawson, a graduate of St. Pius X School in Lombard. "I really had fun! Mr. Grossman was really funny and made me think a lot about the person I want to be in high school. I have already met a lot of new people." Ruby was introduced to the school's Pro-Life Club president (Senior Grania O'Flaherty of Downers Grove) and is excited about the possibility of going on her first March for Life in Washington D.C. in January.

Montini Catholic's Parent Club also hosted a social for the parents of their Class of 2022 in conjunction with the students' social. They later met up with their children at a prayer service which concluded the event.
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