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Montini Catholic Celebrates 2017-18 Legacy Students
Posted 06/18/2018 11:54AM

Each year, Montini Catholic High School in Lombard gathers together a unique group of students for a special photo. The children represent what the school endearingly defines as their "Legacy Students" - students of alumni parents who once walked the halls of the Catholic school.

This year, seventy-three (72) children of alumni are carrying on their parents' legacy. The number represents an impressive 11.5% of the school's total student body.

"As a family-focused school, it is great to see so many alumni continue the legacy by having their own son or daughter attend our school," said President Jim Segredo. "I also believe it reflects the excellent education they experienced as Montini Catholic students!"

Lombard resident, William Barrett's youngest (of three) child, Maura, just graduated from Montini (on May 20, 2018). He reflected on the experience both as a Bronco parent and as an alumnus. "My oldest sister (Maureen Barrett '72) entered Montini in 1968, so with Maura's 2018 graduation, the school has been in our family for 50 years! My wife, Stella, and I feel we did the best we could for our kids by sending them to Montini. I've been through Montini's doors thousands of times. Bittersweet walking out after Maura's graduation, but we'll always be a part of the Montini family."

(Bill's other sister, Debbie (Barrett) Hasling, graduated from Montini in 1973.)

2017-2018 Legacy Students (in alphabetical order):

Maura Barrett '18, daughter of William Barrett '79 (Lombard)
Lauren Bartosz '19, daughter of Jeannette (Workman) Bartosz '85 (Woodridge)
Jacob Blim '21, son of Kelly (Kramer) Blim '86 (Bolingbrook)
Luke Bukovsky '18, son of Mark Bukovsky '84 (Lisle)
Katie Bukovsky '20, daughter of Jeffrey '88 & Kim (Gary) Bukovsky '88 (Downers Grove)
Patrick Burke '19, son of Edmund Burke '88 (LaGrange)
Daniel Canty '20, son of Amy (Caveney) Canty '94 (Downers Grove)
Daniel Canty '20, son of Mark Canty '94
Liam Casey '19, son of David Casey '79 (Villa Park)
Devin Chiaramonti '21, son of Nicholas Chiaramonti '84 (Lombard)
Grayson Clynch '18, daughter of Daniel Clynch '84 (Wheaton)
Frank Conforti '19, son of Frank Conforti '86 (Willowbrook)
Colin Considine '19, son of Michael Considine '86 (Lisle)
Madeline Crosse '21, daughter of Mike '87 & Deana Flerlage Crosse '87 (Lombard)
Kate Crotty '18, daughter of William Crotty '83 (Lombard)
Maggie Crotty '20, daughter of William Crotty '83 (Lombard)
Cal Doucet '21, son of Melissa (Bonomo) Doucet '94 (Winfield)
Alison Gedraitis '21, daughter of Jennifer (Doll) Gedraitis '94 (Westmont)
Brookelle Grimsley '19, daughter of Leonard Grimsley '85 (Itasca)
Christopher Hejny '18, son of Jeffrey Hejny '87 (Bolingbrook)
Matthew Hejny '20, son of Jeffrey Hejny '87 (Bolingbrook)
Alondra Holler '18, daughter of Albert Holler '78 (Villa Park)
James Hubeny '21, son of Jim '96 & Katie Doll Hubeny '96 (Westmont)
Megan Huff '19, daughter of Lawrence Huff '84† (Lombard)
Maximus Kasallis '21, son of Kimberly (Kellogg) Kasallis '85 (Downers Grove)
William Kelly '19, son of Andrea (Stoltman) Kelly '86 (Lombard)
Joey Knudtson '20, son of Rosalia (Badalamenti) Knudtson '89 (Lombard)
Nate Kremkow '20, son of Margaret (Young) Kremkow '84 (North Aurora)
Ben Lah '19, son of Susan (Jaros) Lah '92 (Westchester)
Henry Lah '21, son of Susan (Jaros) Lah '92 (Westchester)
Daniel Lansdon '21, son of Gayle (Aeschliman) Lansdon '88 (Downers Grove)
Ryan Laughlin '18, son of Daniel Laughlin '86 (Naperville)
Megan Laughlin '20, daughter of Daniel Laughlin '86 (Naperville)
Josephine Lloyd '20, daughter of Helen (Fitzpatrick) Lloyd '87 (Lombard)
Michael Maloney '18, son of Jamie (Savaiano) Maloney '78 (Hinsdale)
John McManus '20, son of Christine (O'Neill) McManus '88 (Lombard)
Joseph Melarkey '20, son of Kelly (Wilson) Melarkey '86 (Lombard)
Ethan Miller '20, son of Laura (Gradishar) Miller '86 (Downers Grove)
Cecilial Moran '19, daughter of William Moran '82 (Elmhurst)
Brooke Morgan '19, daughter of Mary (Mack) Morgan '80 (Glen Ellyn)
Jack Mullins '18, son of Thomas Mullins '82 (Oak Brook)
Samantha Mullins '19, daughter of Thomas Mullins '82 (Oak Brook)
James Musil '20, son of Julia (Whalen) Musil '77 (Oak Brook)
Garrick Nielsen '20, son of Maureen (O'Neill) Nielsen '87 (Lombard)
Aidan O'Connor '20, son of Timothy O'Connor '87 (Woodridge)
Rian O'Connor '18, son of Timothy O'Connor '87 (Woodridge)
Patrick O'Connor '21, son of Patrick '81 & Michelle Ptak O'Connor '88 (Woodridge)
Caeley O'Connor '18, daughter of Patrick '81 & Michelle Ptak O'Connor '88 (Woodridge)
Riley O'Connor '19, daughter of Daniel O'Connor '88 (Plainfield)
Mary-Kate O'Connor '21, daughter of Daniel O'Connor '88 (Plainfield)
Grania O'Flaherty '19, daughter of Margaret (Batten) O'Flaherty '87 (Downers Grove)
Enya O'Flaherty '20, daughter of Margaret (Batten) O'Flaherty '87 (Downers Grove)
Kate Owczarski '18, daughter of Daniel Owczarski '83 (Glen Ellyn)
Ethan Peska '20, son of Catherine (Murphy) Peska '86 (Plainfield)
Mathew Pestel '18, son of Michael Pestel '88.(Homer Glen)
Patrick Peters '20, son of Carrie (Fricano) Peters '86 (Homer Glen)
Robert Rafanelli '18, son of Richard Rafanelli '1976 (Indian Head Park)
Jake Ream '18, son of Joseph '86 & Vicki Jaloszynski Ream '88 (Lombard)
Alexis Ream '21, daughter of Joseph '86 & Vicki Jaloszynski Ream '88 (Lombard)
Isabella Reilley '19, daughter of Michael Reilley '78 (Lombard)
Jacob Rigor '19, son of Michael Rigor '82 (Lombard)
Olivia Rovansek '21, daughter of Christopher Rovansek '88 (Naperville)
Hannah Ruddy '20, daughter of Brian Ruddy '88 (Downers Grove)
Kailey Ryan '19, daughter of Thomas Ryan '86 (Lombard)
Tori Scavone '19, daughter of Eugenia (Wasson) Scavone '84 (Lombard)
Jack Sebben '21, son of Patricia (Gary) Sebben '90 (Downers Grove)
Jack Sidler '20, son of Norman Sidler '87 (Downers Grove)
Samuel Smith '18, son of Shannon (Mullins) Smith '89 (Oak Brook)

Shea Smith '20, daughter of Shannon (Mullins) Smith '89 (Oak Brook)
Elyse Spaccapaniccia '20, daughter of John Spaccapaniccia '1989 (Bolingbrook)
Nora Sypkens '21, daughter of Maureen (Barry) Sypkens '86 (Hillside)
Peter Vosicky '21, son of John Vosicky '89 (Elmhurst)
Shannon Williams '20, daughter of Jay Williams '76 (Lombard)

Photo Above:

Front Row: Nora Sypkens, Shea Smith, Grayson Clynch, Shannon Williams, Alison Gedratis, Caeley O'Connor, Robert Rafanelli, Jack Sidler, Aidan O'Connor Second Row: Mathew Pestel, Samantha Mullins, Brooke Morgan, Megan Huff, Elise Spaccapaniccia, Alexis Ream, Madeline Crosse, Mary Kate O'Connor, Nate Kremkow Third Row: Devin Chiaramonti, CeCe Moran, Olivia Rovansek, Alondra Holler, Kate Crotty, Maggie Crotty, Hannah Ruddy, Josephine Lloyd, Katie Bukovsky Fourth Row: Jacob Ream, Maura Barrett, Katherine Owczarski, Isabella Reilley, Tori Scavone, Grania O'Flaherty, Brookelle Grimsley, Enya O'Flaherty, Megan Laughlin, Luke Bukovsky, Patrick O'Connor, Jack Sebben, Joseph Melarkey Fifth Row: Colin Considine, Ben Lah, Rian O'Connor, Peter Vosicky, Liam Casey, James Hubeny, Daniel Lansdon, Ethan Peska, John McManus Back Row: Frank Conforti, Sam Smith, Jack Mullins, Patrick Burke, Jacob Rigor, Joey Knutdson, Ryan Laughlin, Cal Doucet, Jacob Blim, Henry Lah, Maximus Kasallis

Not pictured: Lauren Bartosz, Daniel Canty, Christopher Hejny, Matthew Hejny, William Kelly, Michael Maloney, Ethan Miller, James Musil, Garrick Nielsen, Riley O'Connor, Patick Peters, Kailey Ryan

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