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Quincey Trojanowski Named Artis of the Month for March
Posted 04/05/2019 01:46PM

Congratulations to senior Quincey Trojanowski for being named Bronco Artist of the Month for March. Quincey was chosen for the honor by art teacher and Fine Arts Department Chair, Ms. Stephanie Kuecker. "Quincey is a very talented artist and musician. She has a natural gift for both of the arts. She has been very dedicated in the class and has made multiple pieces for each project," said Ms. Kuecker.

Quincey is no stranger to the spotlight. The talented bassoonist spent last summer touring with the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America (NYO-USA) which took her all the way to Carnegie Hall where she had the unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with other highly talented musicians. "It was an amazing learning, bonding, and traveling experience!" she said.

She is also an Illinois State Scholar and a member of Montini's National Honor Society.

"I was really hoping to be selected for Artist of the Month because I rarely get an opportunity to show people my art, given that I spend most of my time on music," she said after admitting to being pleasantly surprised to hear the news.

Quincey is currently a Design II student at Montini. She used to work primarily with black-and-white pencil drawings, but says she has 'fallen in love' with incorporating color into her art. "I used to be super afraid of using paint, but now I feel really comfortable with it!"

"Quincey is improving on her painting and drawing skills while continuing her love of abstract art with shapes," added Kuecker.

"As a little kid I always seemed to have a knack for art. I absolutely loved creating artwork as a young child, and my knack for art has fortunately stayed with me throughout the years," said Quincey. She claims to have a hard time picking a specific subject matter when beginning a new project, so is drawn to various shapes and abstract art. "I am so indecisive—I tend to depict many shapes, since you can never go wrong with shapes! There's always a raw, creative, and unique way to depict something as simple and open-ended as shapes!"

She credits teacher, Ms. Kuecker, for inspiring her to step out of her comfort zone and try different mediums. "She has helped to greatly expand my artistic abilities and passions. For example, I used to be incredibly afraid of using watercolor paints, but after Ms. Kuecker's encouragement to use them, I absolutely love the challenge of watercolors!"

Quincey inherited her artistic talents from her mother, Shelley Trojanowski, who was an art major in college at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. "As a young kid, I would ask my mom for help if I had trouble drawing anything, and she always came to the rescue," she said. "More specifically, my mom earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing—however she did all types of art!"

Quincey will be majoring in Bassoon Performance in college, but hopes to be able to fit her love of drawing in her schedule at some point. "Most of my 'non-academic' classes will be music-based, but I plan to keep art in my life as a hobby!"
Quincey attended Hillside Public School in Hillside. Her artwork is currently being displayed in the art hallway at Montini Catholic and will also be featured at the school's upcoming Art Show on April 25th (5:30 - 7 PM). The evening coincides with the school's Spring Music Concert.

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