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Technology Director, Peter Farina, Honored at Tech Fest 2019
Posted 03/18/2019 04:08PM

Congratulations to Technology Director, Mr. Peter Farina, who was recently honored at the Diocese of Joliet's Tech Fest 2019 held on March 7th. He was recognized for his contribution to the advancement of technology, both in and out of the classroom.

Most recently, Farina has been in the spotlight among tech enthusiasts for spearheading Montini's Robotics Road Show - taking his students knowledge of all things robotics "on the road" to diocesan elementary schools. The show also features drone demonstrations by Farina and his newly formed 'Flight Club Drone Team.' To organize the visits, Farina diligently worked with tech coordinators in the Diocese of Joliet to bring his dreams of showcasing his students' abilities to younger students, in the hopes of inspiring future robotics enthusiasts.

He also hosts and moderates Montini's Technology Engineering Competition (M-TEC) each year. (This year's event was held on February 18th.) The entire competition was conceptualized by Farina, who thoroughly enjoys hosting the day's competitions which involves three building challenges as well as two written challenges among participating teams. "I am impressed by the amount of interest in this event each year," said Farina. "It's always held on President's Day! Most kids would like to spend the day out of school - but these kids are all in, every year!"

"Pete is the proverbial 'IT' guy at Montini," said Principal Kevin Beirne who attended the presentation. Beirne has worked with Farina over the last eleven years and together they worked to launch Montini's one-to-one Digital Learning Program (2015). "He fixes all devices, runs cable, soothes the frayed nerves of colleagues when laptop screens go blank," he added. "He finds wayward student devices misplaced in the building, is a social media sleuth extraordinaire, assembles countless bids for endless requisitions, images and re-images, and purposes and re-purposes dozens of laptops every summer! He's the printer whisperer, Apple TV magician and he single-handedly built Montini's entire network!" Beirne reiterated the fact that these roles constitute only a fraction of the importance Peter Farina plays in the school community. "His real impact can't be measured in bytes, keystrokes, codes, miles of cable or hundreds of devices," he said. "His impact is better told with terms of passion, dedication, vocation and generosity!"

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