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"...committed to the education of the whole person"

 In following our mission, we strive to allow our students to pursue their passions both in and outside of the classroom. Through athletics or clubs and activities, students are able to explore their opportunities in a variety of ways.


Moderator: Mr. Belford Hernandez, G-2

Bags Club

The Bags Club is a social club that meets every Friday, year round, regardless of the weather.  The purpose of Bags Club is to get together for socialization and friendly competition while throwing bean bags 27 feet onto a board and attempting to score points by having the bag land either on the board or in its hole.  Although played “just for fun” for most of the year, the school year ends with a tournament to declare a Bags Club Champion Team that can brag about it for the entire year.  Bags Club is open to both male and female students of all four grade levels and any experience level.  

Moderator: Mrs. Elise Barth, S-1

Baking Club

Baking Club is open to all Montini students. The club meets on Tuesday once a month in the DeLaSalle Hall kitchen at 3:00 pm. Our meetings range in time from 30-60 minutes. We try to learn many types of baking - from cookies to cakes and all in between. Of course, we sample our efforts at the completion of the baking!

Moderator: Mrs. Wanda Drabik, Art 1


Be the Voice of Montini.   The Broadcast team is selected through an audition process to become announcers at Montini.   The announcers start the day at Montini with the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.   Later in the morning, the announcers broadcast the news of the day which includes sports news, club events, and upcoming activities.    Announcers need to have a sense of purpose, a good clear voice, and a commitment to being one of the best voices at Montini.

Moderator: Mrs. Rita Keogh, 108

Campus Ministry

For more information on Campus Ministry, please visit the Campus Ministry page

Moderator: Mr. Michael Blanchette, CM Office

Computer Club

Computer Club usually meets every Wednesday from 3:00 - 5:00 pm.  We hold two large social events each year open to any Montini students.  Our Video Game Tournament is an 8-hour event that happens in January, and the Spring Video Game Festival is an 8-hour event that takes place the day of Prom.  We usually take two field trips each year, one that is educational such as our past trips to Argonne National Labs or Fermi Lab, and one that is a service trip like our past trips to Feed My Starving Children.  At our regular club meetings, we learn about computing technology, work on computers, and play video games.

Moderator: Mr. Peter Farina, Comp Lab

Drama Club & Set Crew

Drama Club and Set Crew are geared to the enjoyment of theatre. We produce the fall play and spring musical. We build the sets for the plays after school every day and some weekends while the actors rehearse. We work backstage during the performances running the lights, sound, moving scenery, and stage managing the actors.  We are committed to making Montini Theatre an outstanding event for our audience members. Participation in Drama Club and Set Crew is open to everyone and new members are always welcome. Drama Club also sponsors a fundraiser to help the Adopt-a-Family program every Christmas. We also view outside theatrical productions and co-produce the Talent Show with Student Government.

Moderator: Dr. Diann Matheson, 212

Fall Play & Spring Musical

Montini Theatre produces one play in the fall, usually a comedy, and a large musical in the spring.  Acting in the plays is by audition, and we are always looking for new talent.  Our plays cast students in all grade levels and varying levels of experience. We produce plays with large casts so many students can participate. We rehearse every day after school and some weekends. We typically rehearse for six weeks and then perform for one weekend.  Montini Theatre acts as an ensemble dedicated to excellence and professionalism in all our performances.

Moderator: Dr. Diann Matheson, 212

French Club

The French Club, moderated by Mr. Tim Egan, is a social organization open to any student who has ever been enrolled in a French class, or who is a dedicated francophile. Our monthly meetings involve French language games, cultural observances and holiday celebrations, creative endeavors, music and of course, French food. Occasional outings are to local restaurants or bakeries. Our mission is to strengthen the students' connection to French-speaking cultures, provide opportunities for leadership, and to develop a sense of community and fellowship. Laissez le bon temps roulez!

Moderator: Mr. Tim Egan, 102

French Honor Society

French Honor Society is an academic honorary organization. Our mission is to show our recognition of, and our appreciation for, our very best French students at Montini. Our society provides opportunities for leadership, as the current members are responsible for organizing and presenting the Induction Ceremony. Candidates must meet high academic criteria involving their overall GPA as well as their cumulative average in French. Generally, students are eligible for consideration during their junior or senior year, and there is a commitment to complete French IV or AP French in order to graduate as a member in good standing, with the organization's honor cords. On est les meilleurs!

Moderator: Mr. Tim Egan,  102

International Studies Club

International Studies Club - Montini boasts a rich international student population with home countries ranging from China and Vietnam to Lithuania and Korea. In celebrating their various ethnic backgrounds, we meet monthly and work not only to share hardships and concerns but also to share experiences and successes. Together, we also plan activities and events for the whole-school population. All students are welcome and encouraged.

Moderator: Ms. Laura Medina, 109

International Thespian Society

The International Thespians Society is open to Montini Theatre actors and set crew members who have shown exceptional dedication and excellence to our program. Admittance is by appointment from the director based on the amount of productions one is involved with and the various responsibilities undertaken to achieve success for our theatre.

Moderator: Dr. Diann Matheson, 212


Moderator: Mrs. Jill Smith & Mr. Mike Bukovsky, Main Gym


Kairos is not only a time for you to take a step back and look at your faith but also your life and your relationships.  You are also able to look at yourself and find out more about who you really are and become closer to God and your classmates.  It is a 3 day two night retreat for Seniors at LaSalle Manor in Plano. The retreat is led by other senior students who have already made the retreat. Sign up is in the fall and the retreats are scheduled for November and March.

Moderator: Mrs. Kelly Davis, 201

Lasallian Youth

This club is dedicated to the three pillars of Faith, Service, and Community.  We participate in various service projects throughout the year such as Feed My Starving Children, Ronald McDonald House, Easter Seals, PADS, etc.  There is also a summer trip in which all the LaSallian Schools in the Midwest gather for  a week.  Our purpose is performs acts of service and to build up community.  The club meets the first Friday of every month.

Moderator: Mrs. Kelly Davis, 201

Liturgical Choir

Moderator: Mr. Belford Hernendez, G-2

Math Club

Montini students are currently invited to participate in three different national math leagues:  Illinois Mathematics League (ILML) is open to all students, Continental Mathematics League (CML) is open to freshmen, and the Calculus Math League is open to all students.  These Contests are a valuable supplement to classroom content.  The competitions help students improve their reading comprehension and problem solving skills.  Since the 15 contests are national in scope they generate student participation and excitement in mathematics. 

Moderator: Mrs. Chrissy McManus, 307

Math Team

Welcome to the State Ranked Montini Catholic Mathematics Team. We are one of only three teams and the ONLY Catholic school in the State of Illinois division 2A to qualify for the ICTM State Mathematics competition consecutively since 2001!! We practice and compete September through May. We belong to the Catholic Math League South, competing against A and AA schools including mathematical powerhouses such as Marist and Brother Rice. We participate in 6 meets per year in addition to the Regional and State competitions.

Coach: Mrs. Chrissy McManus, 307
Assistant Coaches: Mr. Barry Briggs, Mrs. Katie Marchese

Montini Maniacs

Montini Maniacs is the official student cheering section for the Broncos. The Maniacs support all Montini sports at both home and away games. We meet occasionally to plan themes and come up with ideas for games.

Moderator: Mrs. Maryann O'Neill

Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society with over 88,000 student members each school year in more than 1,800 schools. We are dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics.

Member Requirements:

  • 6 hours of extracurricular mathematics
  • 6 hours of mathematics service including but not limited to Tuesday Study Tables (peer tutoring)
  • Host activities for the entire student body six times per year

Associate Member must have completed the equivalent of 2 semesters of Algebra and a semester of Geometry with distinction (a cumulative minimum 3.6 g.p.a. in mathematics courses)

Full & Renewed Members must have completed the equivalent of 4 semesters of college preparatory mathematics with distinction (a cumulative minimum 3.6 GPA in mathematics courses) & are currently enrolled in a more advanced course.

Moderator: Mrs. Chrissy McManus, 307


Musings is Montini's literary and art magazine that portrays poems, short stories, and various art sketches and drawings from the Montini student body,  It provides a creative outlet for students to express their ideas and talents.  Each year Musings demonstrates the uniqueness and amazing diversity of Montini students through a variety of literature and art.

Moderator: Ms. Sara Lhotka, 112

National Honor Society

The minimum requirement for membership in the Montini Catholic High School chapter of the NHS is a 3.75 cumulative GPA at the end of their sophomore year. All students who have a 3.75 GPA at the end of their sophomore (or junior) year will receive a letter offering them the opportunity to petition for membership in NHS. They will be asked to detail their qualifications in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. A faculty committee will review these petitions, and students who meet all the requirements will be invited to become members in the NHS in the fall of their junior year. If a student is not accepted into the NHS at the beginning of their junior year but continues to meet the minimum 3.75 GPA requirement, they may be invited to resubmit a petition at the end of their junior year.

After being accepted into the NHS, students are required to maintain high scholastic standards, act as true leaders of the school, perform 10 hours of community service each year, and demonstrate the “six pillars of character: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship.”

Moderators: Mrs. Laraine Parker, 108 & Mr. Art Stuart, 100

Sancti Futuri

The purpose/goal of the Sancti Futuri Club is simple = To become saints.  We do this by helping each other to grow in holiness by strengthening our prayer lives and deepening our knowledge of the Faith through reading and discussing apologetic writings, the lives of the saints, Sacred Scripture, papal encyclicals, etc.  Any activity that might help one grow in his knowledge and love of God is acceptable and could be the content of a meeting.  We have decorated Christmas ornaments, played games, fashioned rosaries and shared food and drink with each other.  Any student interested in becoming a saint can join.   We meet after school in Dr. Mordente's Room (202) about once or twice a month.

Moderator: Dr. Joseph Mordente, 202

Social Justice

Moderator: Miss Katherine Wall

Science Club

Science Club provides unique opportunities for students of all grade levels that are interested in various fields of science to explore related topics through hands on activities, science trivia games, and on occasion, field trips.  With the guidance of the club moderators, the club members use their imagination and curiosity to design lab activities or re-design existing lab activities.  In general, the activities are open-ended so the lab groups can explore different options within the same lab.  Moreover, the activities and the trivia games allow students opportunities to further their understanding of science and the scientific method.

Moderator: Dr. Larry Misialek, S-6

Spanish Club

We have monthly gatherings where we do cultural activities following Hispanic holiday dates. They range from learning how to dance to traditional music to handicrafts, while becoming informed about the origins and how they are celebrated. We have in-school field trips where we watch movies from the Hispanic countries and enjoy typical snacks and treats.  The club often takes field trips to various soccer matches, restaurants, and museums to engage within the Hispanic culture. 

Moderator: Mrs. Nora Kinney, 101

Spanish Honor Society

Students are admitted to the Spanish Honor Society if they hold an overall GPA of 3.5 and in Spanish classes. Members need to attend all Spanish Club meetings, and show proof they are constantly in touch with the culture and tutoring peers in the target language. If members comply with these requirements, they graduate with the Hispanic Honor Society cord.

Moderator: Mrs. Nora Kinney, 101

Student Government

Student government is an elected group of student leaders that acts as the voice of the student body at Montini Catholic.  Elected members actively participate in the decision making and creation of student events for both social and charitable purposes.  Student government includes the executive board members and the general council of students.   

Moderator: Mrs. Jen Voogd, Art2


Moderator: Mr. Belford Hernandez, G-2

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Moderator: Mr. Belford Hernandez, G-2


Joining the Yearbook Club is your chance to have a part in remembering your high school days for years to come!  Have fun with design and layout, and capture moments that will have you laughing for years. Plus, it shows your student involvement on your college applications.  By the end of the year, you will have a professionally bound book distributed to over 700 people that you can say you helped create. Whether you like photographing, writing, designing, or are a great person with time management, Montini Catholic's Yearbook Club wants you! Yearbook meets Tuesdays at 3PM, usually in the computer lab.

Moderator: Miss Melanie Bava, Mrs. Barbara Dawson, De La Salle Hall

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