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Project Management Policies

Your Project Manager will:

  1. Make initial contact to begin the project within 4 business days of receiving the signed contract.
  2. Set up deployment account in Basecamp and provide necessary documentation to explain the finalsite deployment process.
  3. Have direct contact with 1-3 key people for the deployment of the project.
    Minimum qualifications:
    i. Proficient with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
    ii. Ability and time to train others
    Preferred qualifications:
    i. Experience in working with web-based editing
    ii. Experience in working with web-based applications
    iii. Knowledge of HTML helpful
  4. Be available Monday-Friday (excluding most major holidays) between 8AM and 5PM Eastern Time (GMT - 5:00) to respond to emails and voicemails from the project contact(s) within one business day of receipt. Your project manager may also be available by appointment.
  5. Establish the project timeline and assign milestones according to that timeline. Milestones will include client responsibilities along with finalsite deliverables.
  6. Track milestones and readjust timeline based on current status of the project. Project Manager will check in with lead contact(s) every 7-10 business days to keep the project on track.
  7. Identify a list of modules that can be deployed based on the signed contract. This will appear as a to-do list on project path.
  8. Coordinate online video training and live virtual trainings for the Content Management System (CMS) and any additional modules purchased.
  9. Provide instructions and assistance for launching website
  10. Coordinate the transition from deployment to support through which all subsequent questions or problems will be addresses via the finalsite support ticketing system. Any modules not deployed at time of launch will be handled by the project manager.
  11. Archive your project in project path once your site has been fully deployed. This does not delete the project or associated messages and documents. These materials will be archived.

Please note. If your lead client contact is removed from the project or changes for any reason after 30% of deployment completion you may incur a fee. The 30% point will be noted in the project milestones.


Glossary of Terms  

Content Management System
The software that you will be using to build and maintain the pages and content in your website.

The process and department to which you will be referred from your initial welcome with finalsite to your website launch.

This is the final step in the deployment process. This is when you would bring your website live and available for the public to view.

Milestones (fig. 1)
These are assignments that are identified early on in the project. The milestones illustrate deliverables either assigned to you or to finalsite. Together, they also generate a timeline for your project. See Fig.1 for example milestones.

This refers to the functionality that was purchased in your contract. More information can be found here .

Project Manager
Your Project Manager will be your liason between the school and finalsite during the deployment process (see definition). She will coordinate conversations and trainings, moderate your project timeline and work to assure that all assignments are completed.

This is the project management tool that will be used by you and your Finalsite Project Manager during the deployment process. You will receive initial login to the site after the PM receives your signed contract. It is through this site that you will be able to do such things as: exchange messages, track your assignments, and create To-Do lists.

The department to which you will be referred after the launch of your website. Any outstanding modules you have yet to train on or deploy will be referred back to your PM and the Deployment Department.

Timeline (fig. 1)
The time anticipated from the initial kick-off with your Project Manager to website launch. The timeline is inferred by the implementation of the milestones and can be altered if particular milestones are not met or are delayed. The typical timeline for a website launch is approximately 4 months.

To-Do list
A list of module trainings put together by your project manager. The To-Do list can be found in project path under the To-Do tab.


Fig.1 Example

 Milestone* Date Responsibility

 Initial kick-off meeting/call 1/5/09 finalsite
 Draft storyboard submitted
 1/22/09 client
 Send design survey
 1/23/09 client
 Submit photos & logo


 Final storyboard sign off 1/29/09 client
 Design conversation 2/3/09 finalsite
 Initial admin overview training 2/19/09 finalsite
 Datasheet review call 2/20/09 finalsite
 Submit homepage design concept
 2/17/09 finalsite
 Homepage concept sign off
 2/24/09 client
 Submit lower level design concept
 3/3/09 finalsite
 Lower level design sign off
 3/10/09 client
 Deliver all top level content/datasheets 3/17/09 client
 Primary build out completed 3/31/09 finalsite
 Site review/Google Maps installed
 4/1/09 finalsite
 eNotify & Media Manager banners complete 4/3/09 finalsite
 Module trainings scheduled* 4/1/09 - 4/30/09 finalsite
 Email DNS Instructions 4/15/09 finalsite
 SSL Certificate/Google Analytics established when site goes live
 4/30/09 finalsite
 Schedule support portal training
 5/5/09 finalsite
 Send Post Deployment Survey
 5/7/09 finalsite

 *Timeline for module trainings will vary depending on priority and modules purchased

             - Project is considered 30% complete.

These policies are subject to change. 

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