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Montini Catholic strives to make each student's educational experience unique to their needs. Through a rigorous academic program, paired with service learning and faith-based education, our students graduate ready to face their collegiate years.


74% of our faculty hold masters degrees or higher. Many are coaches, moderators of clubs and participate in areas of campus ministry and service. 13 faculty & staff members are alumni of MCHS and have returned to their alma mater. 

Our curriculum allows students to take courses within four levels: Signum Fidei, College Prep, Honors and Advanced Placement. These levels are determined by Placement Exam results, Proficiency Exam results and Grade School and High School teacher recommendations. Students are not put into one single track, but rather are placed into classes that engage and aid in learning at their level. 

To learn more, please view our current Curriculum Guide. 

In order to graduate, students must earn 24 hours of credit, participate in one overnight Junior Retreat, and fulfill the 40 hour requirement to our Service Learning Program.

Theology          4 Credits
English/Speech4 Credits
Mathematics3 Credits
Science3 Credits
Social Studies3 Credits
Foreign Language2 Credits
Physical Education/Health2 Credits
Fine Arts1 Credit
Electives2.0 Credits



ACT SCORES- Class of 2018

The top 10% - average ACT score of 32.1
The top 25% - average ACT score of 29.3
The top 50% - average ACT score of 25.5
Class of 2017 -average of 23.0

State of Illinois Average of 20.9
National Average - 21.4

101 students took 178 AP Exams
33 perfect scores of five were recorded in nine different subjects
A total of 137 scores of 3 or higher were recorded


Montini Catholic High School is accredited by the Advanced Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, State of Illinois Superintendent of Public Information and the Illinois State Board of Education.

The school is also a member of the National Catholic Education Association and affiliated with the Brothers of the Christian Schools - Lasallian Network.  

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